The Robert Shannon Foundation was established in 2003 to perpetuate the memory of Robert Shannon, founder of Shannons Insurance, who died unexpectedly in March 2000. Robert was an avid classic car enthusiast, who especially enjoyed his 1930 Invicta S Type. He was a strong supporter of the historic motoring movement and was concerned that it was not attracting enough younger people, particularly in the areas of the preservation and restoration of classic vehicles.

Disclaimer: The Robert Shannon Foundation has no connection with Shannons Insurance.

All correspondence with the Robert Shannon Foundation should be via the relevant State or Territory Council.

The Robert Shannon Foundation is a registered Charity and as such, there are conditions that must be met before a grant can be awarded. These are detailed here.

Aims of the Foundation

After the success of the Shannons 2001 National Motoring Tour, the Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF) established the Robert Shannon Foundation. The AHMF is the national body representing classic and historic vehicle clubs in all states and territories.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage people under the age of 30 to become involved in the restoration and preservation of veteran, vintage, post-vintage, historic 50s, historic 60s, historic 70s and historic 80s vehicles up to 30 years old.

The Foundation may:

  1. Help with the purchase of specialist tools or equipment;
  2. Assist with the actual cost of restoration work;
  3. Contribute toward TAFE or other fees; or
  4. Contribute toward any project considered worthwhile by the Trustees.


The Robert Shannon Foundation operates a limited funds account to finance these grants. Essentially the funds are invested for the year at the best current rates available through an Australian financial institution. The sum available for grants is then based on the interest earned from that investment. To assist increasing the value of these grants, we would appreciate donations to help build our investment funds. Unfortunately, although having gained recognition as a charitable organisation we are still working on making donations tax deductible.

Grant Eligibility

Any person or group of people under the age of thirty years and engaged in studying automotive restoration and preservation or actively working on historic vehicles is eligible to nominate for a grant.

Before completing an application form an individual or group must seek the support of a local vehicle club. This club must be affiliated with the appropriate state council. The supporting club must complete the relevant section of the application form and forward the application to its council for endorsement.

Time frames

  1. Applications for a Grant must be in the hands of the Secretary of the State or Territory Council by 1st May annually. (It is recommended Applications are forwarded to State or Territory councils well before 1st May for assessment.)
  2. Applications for a Grant must be in the hands of the Robert Shannon Foundation Chairman by 1st June annually. (Applications received after this date will be assessed with the submissions for the following year and will require a detailed and updated report from the applicant, supporting club and State or Territory Council.)


For Applicants, Clubs and Councils Preparing a Grant Application

Clubs nominating Members for consideration of Grants from the Robert Shannon Foundation will need to be mindful of the following conditions and responsibilities:

  1. Grants will be made ONLY to Australian citizens, under the age of 30 years.

  2. Applicants must be Members of an Approved Club, Affiliated via a State, Territory or Regional Council of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF).

  3. Nominating Clubs shall provide a Mentor, (preferably NOT a parent of the Applicant) that has suitable qualification or skill to guide the applicant for each project and be prepared to provide an independent annual report to the Trustees advising skill levels achieved and of progress made or of completion of the project. Photographic and digital records are encouraged and these may be posted on the AHMF and State Council websites.

  4. Grant recipients are required to provide their own report each year and on completion of the project. Clubs are encouraged to provide independent follow up in this area.

  5. A significant requirement is the Display of the completed project.

    This will require the vehicle to be made available for public display at National Heritage Motoring Day events, State and Regional displays and other Public events.

    These are again to be documented (via digital and photographic means) and these may also be posted on the AHMF and State Council websites and also be made available to the Trustees.

  6. The Robert Shannon Foundation may provide in each year, 1 (One) payment contributing to Fees Applicable for Courses relating to Automotive or Engineering Training, and provided at a TAFE or other such Accredited Training Facility for a Club Member of an AHMF affiliated Council.

    The successful Applicant may, when arranging their course payment direct relevant accounts to The Foundation at the above address. Further detail regarding this Grant may be obtained by contacting the Chairman of the Robert Shannon Foundation on 0419 789 151.

  7. All applications for Grants must be first assessed at Club level for suitability.

    Applications must be forwarded to the State or Regional Council for endorsement no later than 1st May in each year however; APPLICATIONS MAY BE FORWARDED TO STATE COUNCILS AT ANY TIME BEFORE THEN FOR ASSESMENT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

  8. Councils supporting will then ensure that all Applications are sent to the Robert Shannon Foundation by 1st June in any year for the Trustees to assess via the selection process.

The standard of Applicants and Projects has been exceptional in recent years. The Australian Historic Movement will be the beneficiary of the support and trust that we place in these dedicated and enthusiastic young members.

Application Form

Please refer to the Sample Application to enable you to see what the Trustees will be looking for when evaluating your application.

Download the Application for Grant Form and clearly detail why you deserve our assistance with your project.